The Bitterness of Venom by M.T. Morgan (ePUB)

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The Bitterness of Venom by M.T. Morgan – Free eBooks Download


He was once my hero, but that was a long time ago… before I left him.
I never expected him to show up in my life again. Especially as my new roommate.
The boy I once loved is now a brutal hockey player with a taste for revenge and reckless abandon.
I’m indebted to him, and he expects me to pay in the form of blood, tears and humiliation.
But once the games begin, I find myself falling into old habits I thought were buried.
Out of all the bad ideas I’ve had in my life, Desmond Rickman has always been my favorite.

I had a heart once… until she smashed it, leaving nothing but a hollow spot in my chest.
I never expected to see her again. Especially not in my turf, in my apartment, as my new roommate.
She may have held my heart once upon a time, but now I hold all the cards.
She’s indebted to me, and I’ll make her pay for ruining my life.
Old emotions are like scars, slowly fading and never disappearing. And she’s bringing them all to the surface.
If there is a God, he designed Blaise Sheffield to bring me to my knees.

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