The Billionaire’s Final Treasure by Cassi Hart (ePUB)

billionaire's final treasure, cassi hart

The Billionaire’s Final Treasure (Happily Ever After Mountain #5) by Cassi Hart – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard finding things to look forward to when you’re as broke as I am. Between caring for my sick mother and trying to make it to cosmetology classes, I don’t have any time for anything else. I do have a new secret guilty pleasure, though. The other night, I saw someone break into an apartment across the street. I didn’t feel bad; all of the people who live in this part of town are so wealthy and don’t care about those less well off than them. But I want to know more about this stranger. What is he doing? Why is he doing it? More importantly, why did he return to the scene of the crime?

What I do in my spare time is ill-advised at best, and yet I continue to do it any way. The thrill it gives me to break into the homes of the rich and privileged is like nothing else I’ve ever felt. But a night or two ago, someone saw me. A girl, sitting on the fire escape of the building across the street. Even after hiding, she could still see me. And yet, no one ever arrived to stop me. I was so intrigued, I violated my personal rule about returning to a target building a second time. I can’t help it. Her eyes on me are more thrilling than the crimes I commit in the name of justice. Why do I care so much about impressing her?

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