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The Best of Both by Chelsie Lynn – Free eBooks Download


Macy White has been living her best life as international pop star, Harper Bloom, for the last decade, and loving every second of it. The sparkly dresses, crazy parties, and never-ending sold out tours are exactly her idea of a good time. The only downside? That constant exposure of her escapades on gossip sites. When she accidentally finds herself the center of a celebrity sex tape scandal, her brother-slash-PR manager decides it’s time for her to take a step back from the spotlight.
Back in Oaken, Minnesota, Brody McAllister has inherited the local paper from his late parents who poured their heart and soul into it every day. Brody? Not so much. Not only did he never imagine himself in this position, but his small hometown lacks any major stories worth telling, causing paper sales to decline. Now, Brody has to not only reconcile the loss of his beloved parents, but also their legacy if he can’t find a way to boost sales.
Living in totally different worlds, these two opposites should have never found themselves working together. But after childhood feelings reignite, they find themselves drawn together and hatch a plan to help save Brody’s dying paper. The only catch? It involves bringing the infamous Harper Bloom to town, and with her, the gossip journalists who always seem to catch her in the middle of a scandal.

Will Macy be forced to give up all of her secrets? Or can she find the best of both worlds with Brody by her side?

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