The Best Bad Boy by Erin Nicholas (ePUB)

best bad boy, erin nicholas

The Best Bad Boy (Bad Boys of the Bayou #1) by Erin Nicholas – Free eBooks Download


The strip club owner’s grandson and the preacher’s granddaughter?
Yep, that sounds about right for Bad, Louisiana.
Bad boy Jase Hawkins didn’t mean to get naughty with good girl, Priscilla Williams. And certainly not in her grandpa’s church. It just kind of happened.
But he’s thought about that night for ten years.
Which is more of an annoyance than an actual problem.
Until he comes back to his tiny hometown where there’s no chance in hell of avoiding the preacher’s granddaughter he can’t quite get over.
Especially now that she works for the mayor and her boss has given her one very important assignment—find out what the hell Jase is doing with his grandfather’s old strip club and get rid of him.
That’s fine with Jase. As soon as he gets the building renovated and sold, he’ll head out and never look back.
But Cilla has other plans. She needs the building, and his help, to prove herself to the mayor. Her mother.
Fine. He’ll give her what she wants. But he’s going to get something out of this deal too.
And what he wants is her.

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