The Beastly Lord by Ella Edon (ePUB)

beastly lord, ella edon

The Beastly Lord (Lords of Pleasure #3) by Ella Edon – Free eBooks Download


Everyone saw the beast, she saw the beauty within.
Lord Jackson Fisher’s past has left him with a nasty scar and an aloof stance. Now, as a newly appointed Duke, he has to endure what he so much despise; the Ton and its judgmental glances.A world where everyone thinks of him as a monster.Lady Patricia Hunter always wished to marry out of love, yet her father’s unexpected gambling debts all but destroy her dreams. Now, she needs to secure a wealthy husband as soon as possible.And she is ready to do anything to save her family’s future, even marry the scarred Duke, the one no other lady would ever look at.
Yet, as Patricia uncovers his beautiful soul, she believes that maybe he is the love she had longed for.Jackson has finally found someone who is not disgusted by his appearance. Someone to show him that life can be beautiful.But in the Ton, gossip travels fast. And Jackson is about to discover that their marriage was just a solution to his wife’s dire state…He awoke her beastly desires, she brought to light his angelic side…

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