The Beach Hut on Plum Island by Amy Rafferty (ePUB)

beach hut, amy rafferty

The Beach Hut on Plum Island (Cobble Beach Romance #5) by Amy Rafferty – Free eBooks Download


Harriet Joyce lives an unassuming life in the picturesque town of Plum Island, with secrets guarded as carefully as her heart.

Even her closest friends don’t know that she comes from a royal bloodline. And that she came here to live the simple life after her two-year engagement to a count was broken off. Now, Harriet just wants to live a simple life and focus on herself. The past has a way of tracking her down, though, and soon, a group of unlikely visitors descends on the island.

Her uncle, King Titus with her ex-fiancé Duke Leon Gladstone.
They hope for a renewed union and rekindled romance. Harriet would rather throw herself into the sea.
Instead, she forms a fake engagement with her best friend’s brother, the brooding single father named Finn Shaw. Caught in a whirlwind of royalty, love, and deception, the two must convince everyone else that their annoyance with each other is actually love.

Unexpectedly, sparks fly between them. There is more to Finn than meets the eye, and Harriet has more to offer than her father’s title.

Then, her uncle disappears.
The entire island is thrust into a gripping mystery, and Harriet and Finn must confront the shadows of the past if they’re to find the culprit.
Love, loyalty, and truth are put to the test in this romantic mystery between a runaway royal and the grumpy, reluctant single father who becomes her unexpected savior.

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