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beach house, elise darcy

The Beach House (The Sunrise Coast #8) by Elise Darcy – Free eBooks Download


Briony has always known there was someone missing from her life…
Briony thinks she has her future all mapped out until something unexpected throws her life off course. A letter arrives from her grandmother, Blythe, whom she has never met, inviting her to The Beach House on the Suffolk Coast. The letter comes with a warning – she must keep her trip a secret.
Briony still has her mother’s old shell box that she found as a child. Inside is a key. Her mother once said it was the key to her heart. She would say no more about it. Briony is about to discover it is the key to a house which has been in her family for generations.
When she arrives the mystery deepens as Blythe is nowhere to be found. Briony meets her grandmother’s friends in Cobblers Yard, and they rally round, joining her in her search to uncover the truth behind her grandmother’s disappearance.
Will Briony reveal her family’s secretive past at The Beach House, or is the truth destined to remain lost, as elusive as the tide that ebbs and flows on the Suffolk shore?

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