The Barbarian’s Fate by Bella Blair (ePUB)

barbarian's fate, bella blair

The Barbarian’s Fate (Intergalactic Alliance #8) by Bella Blair – Free eBooks Download


I swore I would follow my fated mate to hell and back. . . and now I will follow through on that oath.
Calli: My entire world is turned upside down when I’m suddenly accosted by Intergalactic Space Force soldiers and placed into a space capsule destined for Yistercallen. The mysterious planet where all outlaws are sent to.
My fate seems sealed. With death as the only outcome.
But fortune’s wheels turn again with the appearance of a battle experienced Forronae Barbarian, come to rescue me.
With no way of this gods forsaken planet and the outlaws he has stolen me from stalking us Mordequay and I have to rely solely on each other to survive another day.
I just wish he would stop calling me Lady and kiss me already.
Mordequay: How can fate be this cruel? I finally find my svencha—the female who is my heart and soul—only to find her so far above my social standing that she will never even notice me.
And if that isn’t bad enough, soon I witness her abduction and sending off to the one planet in the known universe nobody ever returns from. And nobody ever visits unless they were condemned for committing a heinous crime, which my svencha is incapable of.
So I do the only thing any honorable male would do, I follow her.

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