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The Bad Wedding Date by Vicki James – Free eBooks Download


Having to attend my sister’s wedding with a pretend boyfriend was bad enough, but when that fake date left me stranded an hour before the ceremony, I thought my life was over. No one wore disappointment as poorly as my mother, and I’d already given her a thousand reasons to wish I’d never been born.
Which was why, when a random stranger sat beside me at the bus stop, wearing a crisp suit and a winning smile as though God himself had heard my woeful prayers, I wasted no time in making a rushed deal with the devil:
A night of his time in exchange for money I didn’t have.
It sounded so simple. It sounded easy… if only cash had been what Fraser Scott wanted at the end of the night.
A man like him, with his intense grey eyes, hard muscles, and obvious charm didn’t need his wallet filling. He didn’t need anything I was willing to offer freely.
By the time it was all over, what Fraser demanded, in fact, was me…
And it turned out that Fraser wasn’t the kind of man who walked away from a deal without coming out on top.

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