The Baby Question by JP Sayle, Lisa Oliver (ePUB)

baby question, jp sayle

The Baby Question (Tangled Tentacles) by JP Sayle, Lisa Oliver – Free eBooks Download


How many babies are too many in the world of Tangled Tentacles and Assassin’s?

Come join the fun as we step back into the world of krakens and their mates, finding out just how Markov and Cassius coped with an unruly kraken and the shock of pregnancy in An All-Knowing Kraken.
How Magnus upsets the apple cart by not following along with his mate’s expectations in Magnus’s Way.
What happens when two unsuspecting mates who head off to the mall and end up with an unexpected gift in Marvin’s Little Miracle?

Will Victor and Azim finally decide if they want to join in the fun of baby making in Victor’s Dilemma?
Last but not least, how will Teilo and Nico react when invited to a party with a difference in Baby Shower Delights?
We hope you enjoy this catch up with our boys from Tangled Tentacles and Assassin’s to Order. The authors advise to get the best out of this book, read the other in the series first.

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