The Ashes of Ackonir by Jennifer Cody (ePUB)

ashes of ackonir, jennifer cody

The Ashes of Ackonir by Jennifer Cody – Free eBooks Download


Life beyond the walls of Eoam, the commune where my mother raised me, has never tempted me. My needs are fulfilled as long as I work, and if my life is full of more sorrow than most, it’s because I was born for it. But even I have my limits, and when the people who’ve raised me do the unthinkable, I burn the walls down and walk away.
My first steps away from the commune lead me straight into the company of someone I barely knew existed. Edrick was once married to my mother, but the life she lived in the palace never touched me, and I’m surprised when Edrick brings me there.
I thought I’d be walking into a world similar to what I’d been taught, but the more I see of Maldrin, the more I realize that I was made powerless by the people who were meant to love me. As my anger stirs, so does Edrick’s, and he decides to empower me with a title, tutors, spies, and maybe even real, actual love.
I’ve never known what love is, but if anyone can convince me I was born for more than sorrow, it’s Edrick Dastropha, the Emperor of Maldrin.

I never got to live in my wife’s company more than a few months at a time, and as much as I wanted her to myself, I couldn’t keep her wild heart caged in the palace. She lived in a commune with her other lovers when she wasn’t with me or traveling, but she kept that part of her life private because she knew my ability to control my jealousy had limits. Now, more than a decade after she’s gone, she has one last surprise for me.
Sparrow is as beautiful as his mother was and far more tempting. I invited him to live with me to honor her, but when the first thing I notice about the young man is how needy he is and how beautifully he fits in my arms, the best I can offer is my solemn oath that he will always have a place under the wing of my protection.
Preparing him for life in the palace requires more than I expected, and as I spend time with him, it becomes clear that the commune I allowed to exist because my wife loved it hurt him in infuriating ways. I will do everything in my power to give him what he needs, even if that means making another sacrifice to the god of blood and seduction.

If anyone can rise from the ashes of Ackonir, Sparrow was born for it.

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