The Alpha’s Runaway Bride by Brittany White (ePUB)

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The Alpha’s Runaway Bride (Fated To The Wolf #2) by Brittany White – Free eBooks Download


“Rejecting the alpha’s claim on me, I shattered the pack’s expectations – how could I serve as his Luna when I was but a mere mortal?”

Two weeks after I lost my parents in a tragic car accident, Noah, the alpha of our Silent Paw Wolf Shifter Pack, summoned me to the shifter world. Assuming the alpha simply wanted to offer his condolences, I obliged. I was shocked when he announced that we would go through a mating ceremony in two weeks’ time. I simply said, “No, thanks,” and returned home.
He was shocked and followed me to the human world to find out why I would reject him. Noah didn’t know the closely guarded secret that my parents had kept for the last twenty-six years: I was a mundane human adopted by them at birth.
I was born and raised in Angel’s Creek, New Mexico. Although my parents missed the shifter world, they knew that their pack would reject them if the truth about me was discovered.

A wolf shifter – The alpha of the Silent Paw Wolf Shifter Pack who stole my heart
A wolf shifter couple – My adoptive parents who spent their lives protecting me
A bigoted grandfather – The man who would rather kill me than have a human stain on the family name and become the Luna of the pack
Noah was furious when he found out my secret. However, as we were fated mates, he couldn’t let me go.
He stole my heart and I followed him to the shifter world. What I didn’t know was that the more I fell in love with him, the more danger my life, and the life of our unborn child, was in.
Could our love survive the dangers that treachery and hatred would bring?

The Alpha’s Runaway Bride is a standalone book in the Fated To The Wolf Series. It’s a full-length romance packed with Love, Passion, and Heat!

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