The Alpha’s Mates by Cathleen Cole (ePUB)

alpha's mates, cathleen cole

The Alpha’s Mates (The Three Sisters’ War #1) by Cathleen Cole, Frank Jensen – Free eBooks Download


A rogue Alpha female. Three powerful wolf-shifters. And a desperate quest to save their world.

Reese, a rarity among shifters and a protector of the vulnerable, has always been told she was a freak—an alpha female who would never find a mate. Cast out and hunted by her own pack, she roams Elaria with the band of omegas she freed. In a twist of fate, she encounters three alphas who claim to be her mates. Soren, the stormy leader, Atlas, the calm strategist, and Calder, a hot-headed guardian. Through their hunger-filled gazes, Reese senses an inexplicable pull but is held back by her painful past.
Why would the revered Alphas of the strongest pack on Elaria want her? Their claim of being destined mates contradicts everything Reese has ever known. As they prove their respect for her strength and leadership, Reese’s long-held beliefs start to crumble. Is it possible that she could belong to the very Alphas she was taught to fear?
In the quest to save the Moon Goddess and prevent their kind from vanishing forever, Reese must trust in her shared destiny with Soren, Atlas, and Calder. Can they break through the walls Reese has built around her heart, unlock her full potential, and bring back the shifter goddess? Or will the looming shadows of their enemies extinguish all hope, and possibly their lives?

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