The Alpha’s Arrangement by Tea Ravine (ePUB)

alpha's arrangement, tea ravine

The Bratva Bosses’ Nanny (The Bratva Billionaires’ Club #1) by Celeste Riley – Free eBooks Download


I found you when it was too late to love you

My omega came to me when I’d given up on ever finding happiness. And then his alphas appeared in my life too, and I realised just how much of a joke I really am. As a rare female alpha, I know well enough what my appeal is to the males of my designation. But I’m who I am and I won’t change that. My omega isn’t mine and he wont be ever. That much is clear.
The more time I spend with Barren, the more I learn there is terribly wrong with him. The bruises in his eyes, the fear, his uncertainty all scream red flags. When his pack come to me with an arrangement to save him, I have no ability to say no.
Scarlet Waring is perfection and our damnation. She sweeps in bringing the broken parts of our pack together and repairing them until it’s like we are new. No one is left untouched, unchanged by her. She is the light we all turn towards, the music in our lives. But our mistakes are too big and we can’t let them come back to hurt our omega, not again.
She’ll help us get him strong. Then she will leave. She’s not our alpha. Not our pack.

Our arrangement has a time limit on it. Happiness cant last forever.

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