The Alien’s Aim by Bianca Bell (ePUB)

alien's aim, bianca bell

The Alien’s Aim (Roving Star #3) by Bianca Bell – Free eBooks Download


I’m not the kind of woman who attracts the good-looking men. Heck, I’m not the kind of woman who attracts men at all. This is fine with me, because the last thing I need now that we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken spaceship is to be distracted by some guy, when what matters is surviving until we can be rescued.
But then, the sexiest of all the aliens on this broken spaceship takes a liking to me.
Now, I find myself being pursued by someone who might be sexy, but who also happens to be a colossal jerk. When I’m told we’ll be working together until our rescue, it’s the worst possible news I could get.
I should just tell him that I am not interested in him, but I can’t seem to find a way to do so—and I am starting to worry that the reason I can’t tell him is that I might just be interested in him a little more than I am willing to admit to myself.

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