The Adventurer by Jaclyn Reding (ePUB)

adventurer, jaclyn reding

The Adventurer (Daughters of the Duke #2) by Jaclyn Reding – Free eBooks Download


“You must take this stone, and you must return it…”

Isabella Drayton is at once fascinated and intrigued when a mysterious stranger insists she is the fated one to take guardianship of the ancient crystal. Her deep-seated belief in the mystical and enchanting, nurtured by a childhood filled with fables of ancient knights and wizardry, sets her on a course for adventure that will change her destiny. In the aftermath of the failed Jacobite Rebellion, the Crown intends to do whatever is required to prevent any further effort to dispel the newly united kingdoms of England and Scotland, even if that means the arrest and seizure of every last Highlander. Calum Mackay sails the North Sea under cover of mist and darkness, seeking to free those countrymen taken prisoner by the brutal English forces. But raiding one particular ship brings him more than he bargained for in the form of a spirited, dark-haired lass with eyes of bonny blue…and who wears a stone he had only ever heard of in clan legend.

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