That Right Moment by Stefanie K. Steck (ePUB)

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That Right Moment (Moments of Us #1) by Stefanie K. Steck – Free eBooks Download


Twelve years ago, Milo and Madeline met. He was an EMT who just dropped out of med school, and she was a dental student preparing for her final exams. The moment they met it seemed the stars aligned. She added light to his world and those exams didn’t seem as daunting looking into Milo’s sea-blue eyes.
There was definitely something there.
Until they kissed – and it was absolutely, without doubt, the worst kiss – killing any spark. They both agreed, dating was off the table. But, despite the kiss, Milo and Madeline were still drawn to each other – dating wasn’t a possibility, but that didn’t mean friendship wasn’t.
Now after years of friendship, being together through failed exams, parenthood and even divorce, there still is no one else they would rather turn to than each other. When they find that love is dwindling from their own lives and they both receive a little nudge – suddenly dating doesn’t seem too impossible anymore. Can that spark ignite again? What could stand in their way?

Apparently…a lot….

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