That One Regret by Carrie Elks (ePUB)

that one regret, carrie elks

That One Regret (The Heartbreak Brothers Next Generation #1) by Carrie Elks – Free eBooks Download


Keeping away from Michael Devlin should be easy. He’s too old for her. Too jaded. And completely forbidden. The only problem is, he rocks her world…

When Grace tries to steal Michael’s cab in the middle of a torrential downpour, their chemistry is instant. And after one unforgettable night in his hotel room, it looks like life is finally going her way.
But in the morning a shocking revelation rips her world apart, and she has to leave him for good without saying goodbye.
A year later, Grace is living quietly in her small home town when she sees Michael storming toward her. He demands answers, so she tells him exactly why she left that morning.
Michael agrees they should avoid each other, but he’s staying in her small town for a few months and not bumping into each other is almost impossible.
He’s not supposed to touch her. Or kiss her until they’re both breathless and needy.
And he’s definitely not supposed to make her fall for him.
But forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. At least until you get found out…

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