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Texting My Guardian Angel by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


It’s a shot in the dark. A text to a hitman. But he responds, and then somehow, I’m falling for him.

People say he’s part devil, part angel. Nobody knows his name. He’s my last hope when loan sharks threaten my mom. When he offers us a place to stay. How can I say no?
My mom needs stability. She’s suffering from her addiction, but there’s a catch. All the rooms have cameras. He’s watching me.Our texts take us to steamy places, sending each other photos and sharing details.
Sam is over twice my age, with a body to die for and eyes somewhere between scary and so hot I could scream. He starts to take control and guides us to sweltering places as he watches me on camera.
After years of trying to support Mom, it’s a relief to let go.
However, I’m not sure what happens when we go beyond texting. I keep thinking about the future, wedding bells, stuff a so-called streetwise woman should know better than to hope for.
The more we text, the closer I feel to my guardian angel. But can this become something real? What happens when he no longer has to protect us?*

*Texting My Guardian Angel is an insta-everything standalone romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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