Testing the Troll by Daphne Moore (ePUB)

testing troll, la boruff

Testing the Troll (Midlife Magic Dating Service #3) by Daphne Moore, L.A. Boruff – Free eBooks Download


While I peer into the future, it looks back at me and sneers. The universe loves to mock me.

Ximena’s visions of the future have helped her achieve fabulous wealth, but her mind cannot handle the strain. She hides in her remote home, living like a hermit in the hopes of not having any more of the dooming visions that push her to the brink. When her friend Andromeda tells her that she is needed to save magic, she’s not sure that she can help. All she sees is doom.
Martellus is a troll, a member of a dying breed. There are only ten trolls remaining in Dream, and no matter their power, their only hope for the future is finding compatible humans in the hope that something of their kind will be preserved. Equally important, at least to Martellus, is vengeance on those who trapped them in Dream at the start. Preserving all the races will spite them, and the woman the service matches him with can provide the power and wealth needed to do so, if she can be freed from the chains of her uncontrolled gift.
Both goals align, at least at this. Martellus has one task: convince Ximena to help them. But if she does, will it be to help his kind, or love of Martellus himself?

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