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tender, aidy award

Tender (Black Dragon Brotherhood #4) by Aidy Award – Free eBooks Download


Moira hadn’t meant to interfere in the lives of the witches and familiars. Those women and their mates were going to save the world, and it was so exciting to see them battle for life and love. So what if she’d helped a little tiny bit? It wasn’t like she was going to watch any of them die. But now she’s been cast out of the sisterhood and as punishment she’s been sent to live on Earth as a human. All she wants is to get home and she sure could use a hero of her own.
Percy was never supposed to be human. He was an animal familiar and created to support and protect his witch. He was great at his job keeping the big bad monsters at bay so Kady could fulfill her destiny and save the world. Until the soul stealers showed up and fate intervened turning him into this hulk of a man. What was he even supposed to do with a body like this?
Unless of course he was meant for another kind of fate…

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