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tell me lies, hinsel meyer

Tell Me Lies (All It Takes #2) by Hinsel Meyer – Free eBooks Download


A wedding planner moves to Las Vegas to start a new business…
Does that sound like the start of a bad joke? Well it’s my life.
What’s harder than trying to make it in the wedding capital of the world?
Being the one in charge of telling the very big, gorgeous goalie for the Las Vegas hockey team that the woman he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with, married another man the night before.
Also, running into him at the all-male s*x club where I work.
What’s harder still? Trying to squash my attraction to him every time I run into him.
There’s something about him that just does it for me, too bad he’s heartbroken and fresh out of a huge betrayal. Otherwise I might give into my need for him.

A secretly gay hockey player agrees to marry a woman for a green card…
Sounds like a plot straight from one of the romance stories from my book club, but it’s my life.
When the gorgeous wedding planner shows up to break the news that my bride has married someone else, I have to push down the happiness and relief.
Weddings are his business, and I can’t let him see how the news affects me, or how he affects me.
But we can’t stop bumping into each other. At the s*x club I’m a member of, the grocery store, he’s everywhere and he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.
Even as we become friends, I’m still lying to him.
He can never know my wedding was a farce, and I’m the furthest thing from heartbroken. Otherwise I might never see him again.

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