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teasing woken, rk munin

Teasing Woken (Warrior #7) by RK Munin – Free eBooks Download


Now that Safena’s healed and no longer living a life of pain, she refuses to watch life happen around her. Woken isn’t sure his newfound serenity will survive her adventures!
Born with a rare genetic condition, Safena didn’t have a single memory not marked by debilitating pain. Thankfully, her mother was strong enough to run away from an abusive Kaklan community, finding a remote planet to hide herself and her daughters. Instead of being executed because she was an expendable, useless, sick, female child, Safena got to grow up surrounded by her affectionate and caring sisters.
But then she grew into a sick, useless adult. A burden to her family.
But that life is over. The Hissa have taken all her sisters to their homeworld where they’ll be safe to pick Hissa partners and have children. Desperate for mates for their males, the Hissa are willing to pour resources into healing and caring for Safena, even though she’ll never be able to bear them children.
Safena takes her newfound health as a sign to go out and have all the experiences she’d been denied her entire life. No one’s going to stop her from exploring the universe, not even a bossy Hissa who thinks he wants her as a mate.
She’s confident Woken will give up on courting her eventually. He has to because she can’t have the children every Hissa male dreams about. But if he insists on sticking by her side, then he’d better be prepared for an adventure because she’s done living a safe, quiet life.
She’s a woman reborn; there are no limits!

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