Tears For My Good Girl by Rae B. Lake (ePUB)

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Tears For My Good Girl (Bianucci Mafia #4) by Rae B. Lake – Free eBooks Download


He was the love of my life, my entire world. Now he’s married to someone else.

Giancarlo is a mafia prince.
The eldest son in the Bianucci family, and the man I’ve spent years of my life loving.
He loved me too, I know he did, but it didn’t stop his father from forcing him to marry another.
That should be the end of our story. Right? Except it’s not.
No matter how hard I’ve tried to move on with my life, Giancarlo won’t let me go.
He says I still belong to him.
He’s possessive. Determined. Absolutely lethal and utterly off limits.
I know what it means to go against his family but Giancarlo will stop at nothing to keep me hostage in his world.
Our secret trysts are laced with danger, with Giancarlo torn between his duty to his family and the intoxicating pull of a love that refuses to be silenced.
As much as I try to pull away, I know I’ll never be free of Giancarlo but will what we had be worth the catastrophic danger that is sure to come our way?

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