Teach Me To Sin by Riley Nash (ePUB)

teach me, riley nash

Teach Me To Sin (Water, Air, Earth, Fire #4) by Riley Nash – Free eBooks Download


Three wrongs can’t make a right.
I’ve spent six years building a life that isn’t defined by my father’s sins—a beautiful girlfriend, a thriving nonprofit, safe dreams that won’t get me into trouble. Someone with my family’s reputation can’t step out of line without drawing attention, and they definitely can’t coach professional swimmers.
My carefully controlled world starts to unravel on my summer vacation, when a mysterious boy catches my eye. He’s intoxicating, beautiful, and an incredible swimmer. His body makes me question everything about my sexuality, and his talent makes me desperate to become his coach. Too bad the only lawyer who will help me navigate the PR nightmare of opening a coaching program happens to be a rude, self-absorbed, sexy-as-sin older man who doesn’t even like me. I shouldn’t want either of them, but my mixed up heart wants both.
When one explosive moment in an empty locker room ties all three of us together, we start down a path we can’t turn back from, even as my past threatens to destroy my future. We weren’t supposed to be more than a single night’s mistake. I can’t do anything to threaten my life’s work. But I’m not sure I can live without them, either.
Breaking free from the past has a cost for all three of us, but I don’t know if we can afford to pay it.

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