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Tangling with the Grinch (Pineville World Christmas) by Debra Elise – Free eBooks Download


I had a feeling this was the year I’d finally fall in love—I just didn’t know it would be with the grumpy, grinchy single dad who takes over running the Pineville Christmas tree farm.

I’ve never been worried about not finding “the one.” I’ve always believed I’d recognize him the moment I see him, so as my friends got married, I continued to build my pop-up gift business until he shows up. Now at 35, I’ve checked off two of my top three goals: purchasing my first house and opening a storefront. And I’m confident the third one will happen just in time for the holiday season.
But first, I’m committed to one more pop-up at the tree farm. He’d given me my first shot ten years ago, and I would not let the aging owner down.
Only this year Sheridan’s son is running the farm and I literally run into him on the first day. Not a great way to make a first impression, but oh, what an impression he made on me.

I never wanted what my cantankerous old man spent more time working on than with his family, so when he leaves me his tree farm, I scramble to make it work until I can find a buyer and fast.
Christmas is my least favorite time of the year and I only tolerate it for my young son. Now, I just have to get through the next four weeks of non-stop Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and pine-scented everything.
Then a whirlwind of peppermint-scented sunshine slams into me as I inspect the barn where my father rented out space for holiday treats and over-priced snow globes.
Every day I try to ignore how my body aches for her, but what I don’t expect is how slowly but surely, she gets under my defenses with her smile and yes, her non-stop holiday spirit.
When she discovers I’m selling the farm, will I be able to prove to her I’m not the total grinch she believes me to be?

Welcome to Pineville, where love always finds a way.

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