Tangled Reverence by Darie McCoy (ePUB)

tangled reverence, darie mccoy

Tangled Reverence (Preacher’s Kid) by Darie McCoy – Free eBooks Download


Pastor Atarah Cox and President of the Church Board, Cyrus Lauder, are like oil and vinegar. Mixing them together could be great, but it will take a great deal of work. They each have their own ideas about how things should function at Harmony Haven. Of course, they both think their own way is the right way.
For the past two years, they’d managed to maintain a professional distance, despite the heat simmering between them. That is until said heat boils over. The two find themselves in a compromising situation, which forces them to join together to maintain their reputations.
They strike a bargain to save their positions within the church. But will it be enough? Will their heat blaze until it erupts into a full-fledged fire? If not, their reverence could remain forever tangled.

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