Tangled in a Highland Conspiracy by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

tangled conspiracy, olivia kerr

Tangled in a Highland Conspiracy (Highlands’ Partners in Crime #27) by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


Every shadow hides a secret, but love brings everything to light.

Ailsa McBain’s dreams of true love have always been her guiding light. Yet, when her choice is the one that will determine her clan’s survival, she sets aside her heart’s desire to uphold her duty, agreeing to wed John Ormond—the heir of their rival clan.
A mysterious letter from John beckons her to the shadowy woods that divide their lands. With hopes that perhaps duty and destiny might align, Ailsa agrees to meet him, only to be ensnared in a web of treachery. As they meet, a sinister strike cuts John’s life short, framing Ailsa as the suspect.
In the midst of this storm emerges Ramsey, John’s mysterious and enigmatic half brother. Ramsey has spent his life in the sidelines, a silent guardian eclipsed by his brother’s birthright, but with John gone, a fire for justice ignites in him. Despite his every instinct, he is moved by Ailsa’s courage and grace, he pledges to stand by her side and uncover the true culprit.

Bound together by tragedy, the lines between duty and desire blur for Ailsa and Ramsey. Their hearts, once held captive by obligation, begin to beat in unison with a passion neither anticipated. Amidst the treacherous plot, their blossoming love becomes both their solace and strength. For to save their clans, they must not only uncover the truth but also trust in the love burgeoning between them.

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