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taming her beast, flora ferrari

Taming Her Beast by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been running for a long time, flitting from town to town, always knowing that my past is never far behind.

Finally, I end up in Stone Harbor, a gorgeous coastal town in Maine, staying with a friend I met online, and her gorgeous Golden Retriever. Jackie and Lava are good to me. They don’t deserve to be saddled with my baggage.

It’s natural that my first instinct is to run when the car drives up to our isolated house one evening when I’m all alone. But it isn’t my past calling.
Its Markus McCabe, known all over Stone Harbor as the Navy SEAL with a chip on his shoulder, grumpy as grumpy can be. He’s handsome as handsome can be, too. Seven feet tall with silver-black hair, with eyes that could melt an igloo, this intense alpha has me feeling all kinds of obsessed.

I tell myself that a forty year old ex-military man like him would never be interested in me, a twenty-one year old virgin. I was always the awkward curvy girl in school, her head stuck in a book.

But soon I find out that he’s more than interested. He lays claim to me in the most primal way. He dominates me, he owns me, and it feels so freaking good to sink into his embrace.
But what happens when my demons finally catch up to me? Even if Markus is a SEAL badass, does he have what it takes to fight off an army? Worse than that, once he finds out the truth, will he even want to fight for me, for us?

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