Tamed to Be Messy by Dineen Miller (ePUB)

tamed to be messy, dineen miller

Tamed to Be Messy (Messy Love on Mango Lane #3) by Dineen Miller – Free eBooks Download


He’s always played the field. But when an off-limits beauty is running his rehab, will this injured beach patrol hero flee or swim to friendly shores?
My life used to have meaning. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth I quickly spat out, I defied my parents, dropped out of law school, and became a lifeguard. What can I say? I love the surf, the sand, and helping others.

But that was before the accident.
My rotator cuff is torn so badly I may have to quit the career that gives me so much joy. I’ve got a grueling rehabilitation ahead of me with no guarantee it will be successful. Good thing my physical therapist is amazing. Not only has she promised me a return to full range of motion, she’s easy on the eyes, making the painful exercises worth it. There’s just one problem:

She’s my best friend’s kid sister.
Last time I saw her, she was an eighteen-year-old wild-child with pigtails and a wiggly puppy in her arms. Now, that naïve independent streak has matured into bold confidence. And the way she looks at me makes it obvious she’s glad we’re getting reacquainted.

With my future on the line and us spending so much time together, I know I’ve got to keep this strictly professional. Because if her brother ever thought my treatment plan involved us becoming more than friends, I’d be the one in need of rescue.
So what’s it going to be? My career or my heart?
Is there any way to have both?

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