Tamed By the Alien Outlaw by Iona Strom (ePUB)

tamed alien outlaw, iona strom

Tamed by the Alien Outlaw (Star Mavericks #2) by Iona Strom – Free eBooks Download


My trip to Zune is meant as only a quick stop on my way to Natari 5 where bigger treasures await my plundering. The prison moon is where I know for certain I can obtain a medical cuff to replace the one I gifted Navik and his pregnant mate Cora.
Returning to the scene of one of my many thefts, I didn’t plan on staying long. Didn’t plan on many things like being captured by escaped Ziarian prisoners or the human female who breathed life into my beast.
My body surges and swells with new life. My hands curl into fists. Claws extend, long and sharp as daggers. I lick the tip of one fang and grin. I won’t be locked up much longer. Thanks to her.

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