Tamed By an Alien Warlord by Ava Ross (ePUB)

tamed warlord, ava ross

Tamed by an Alien Warlord (Fated Mates of the Ferlaern Warriors #2) by Ava Ross – Free eBooks Download


He’s shy and scarred and thinks no one will ever love him. She’s determined to show him he’s the hottest alien in the universe.

Durran: The Earthling females are settling into our clan, finding new homes high in the forest’s canopy. Matches are being made, but not for me. Scarred as I am, none will ever glance my way. But one Earthling… Rayne’s sweet and funny, and I want to scoop her up in my arms and kiss her until she moans my name. To protect my heart, I’ll keep busy with my investigation into a new threat to our clan. Someone’s harming our trees, and I need to stop them before our way of life is destroyed.
Rayne: To distract myself from my ongoing lust for Durran, I’m focusing on researching the substance poisoning the clan’s trees and raising my five-year-old daughter. She’s bonding with a trundier, and I’m worried she’ll fly off into the sunset on the creature that pretty much looks like a giant hornet. But when Durran and I kiss, and kisses lead to other things, I’m thrown for a loop. Can a gruff alien trundier trainer and a single mom find true love on a planet far from Earth?

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