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taking chances, jenn bullard

Taking Chances (Unwritten Truths Duet #2) by Jenn Bullard – Free eBooks Download


They were supposed to protect me.
Instead, they abandoned me.
A vicious lie, but they believed it.
They could have asked more questions. They could have fought for me.
Miguel was the worst of the three.
He sent me away.
He risks to lose it all: his sister, his relationship with Link, all because he didn’t trust me.
Link should have known better.
His ex was abusive. He should have seen the signs.
But it was easier to throw me away than question what was in front of him.
Greg was supposed to be the best of them.
The protector.
The one who sees through deception.
Instead, he, too, believed it all.

Now I’m adrift in the chaos and nothing makes sense.
My thoughts are scary.
My reasons to live are dwindling.
Then there’s him—my stalker.
He’s getting closer, day by day.
Once again I’m reminded that happily ever afters don’t exist for me.

Taking Chances is book two of the Unwritten Truths Duet, a dark reverse harem romance. This means that the female main character will have three or more love interests and will not have to choose in the end. This book has a trigger warning for: dub con, non con, stalking, (reference to past)) suicidal attempt, suicidal ideation, bullying, emotional abuse, forced proximity, PTSD, self harm, sexually explicit, explicit language, abusive relationship outside of the harem.

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