Taken By the Hitman, Book III by Amber Adams (ePUB)

taken hitman 3, amber adams

Taken by the Hitman, Book III by Amber Adams – Free eBooks Download


With only seconds to spare, Jason uses his skill to save Bianca’s life from a gunman waiting in ambush. Will she see Jason morph into a crazed killer right before her eyes? Or, will Bianca see him as her hero?

Jason now knows that the game is on and will stop at nothing to protect Bianca’s life from his menacing former employer, Saccone. Even if it ends up pushing Bianca further into fear and distrust of him.
Will Jason be able to convince Bianca that he truly is the same man who has given her the most passionate nights of her life and stirred in her feelings she’s never felt before?
Or, with fresh blood on his hands,will she only see him as a vile monster who is simply toying with her before he goes in for the kill himself?

Taken by The Hitman III is the riveting and action-packed third book in the Taken by The Hitman forbidden love-on-the-run romance series. If you love unstoppable heroes, courageous heroines, and dramatic passion, you’ll be enthralled by Amber Adams’ pulse-racing romance.

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