Taken by the Cat by Caroline S. Hilliard (ePUB)

taken cat, caroline s hilliard

Taken by the Cat (Highland Shifters #2) by Caroline S. Hilliard – Free eBooks Download


Stephanie has been captured. Again. And with a broken leg her hope of escape is practically nonexistent. She is to be mated to Jack, the cruel and powerful panther alpha. But for now, she still has her dreams and memories. Memories of a gorgeous man with light brown eyes filled with concern for her. A man she could easily see herself falling for and staying with, for more than a few weeks. Michael, her rescuer. And the star of her dreams, for as long as she can hold on to them.
The sight of Stephanie being manhandled by a couple of brutes has Michael storming off the train to get to her. But before he can reach them, they take off in a grey van.
Ever since he found her with a broken leg on the mountain, she has popped into his mind at odd times. He has no idea why, but for some reason he can’t seem to forget about her. Seeing her again only reinforces his desire to find her. And he will find her, no matter the cost.

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