Taken By the Bratva Boss by Sarina Hart (ePUB)

taken bratva boss, sarina hart

Taken By the Bratva Boss by Sarina Hart – Free eBooks Download


I started a war with the devil, and now he’s going to destroy me.
Leon Krilov is pure evil.
He’s the beast in charge of the Bratva, a cold-blooded killer, and the reason my best friend is dead.
She’s owed justice – and I was going to collect.
My plan was perfect.
Provoke him. Record him. Take the recording to the cops.
And watch them lock him up. Forever.
But I failed. He knows I plotted against him, and now I am the one who has to pay.
Trapped in his mansion, I meet my worst nightmare face to face.
The handsome devil leaves me breathless, trembling, and craving more.
I know I should not long for his cruel touch,
I should not give in to his possessive kisses,
And when my irresistible captor insists he did not hurt my friend, I should not believe him.
But soon enough I start to hope there really is an imposter who framed him, and Leon is not the only one playing lethal games.
What do you do when the devil you fear becomes the man you fear to lose?

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