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take bait, jb sharp

Take The Bait (The Stars Align #4) by JB Sharp – Free eBooks Download


Melanie Harper has rules for every aspect of her life: what time to shut the curtains at night, how many rounds of Row Your Boat to sing while washing her hands, acceptable cleaning products that have the best per ounce price. But when a casual hookup in a nightclub bathroom goes horribly wrong, her rule book is thrown out the window. She can’t focus at the hospital where she works and she finds herself in a funk that she can’t shake.
Ashton Reeve lives his life carefree, taking every chance to avoid responsibility. When a friend needs him to take over an apartment lease, he welcomes the change of scenery – especially since it’s close to his favorite night club. What he doesn’t know is that the woman who dragged him into a bathroom stall, and then stormed out just as fast, is his new roommate.

Will they be able to ignore the lure between them or is the bait too tempting to resist? Will they risk drowning in the unknown for the chance at love?

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