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tainted vows, lark anderson

Tainted Vows by Lark Anderson – Free eBooks Download


I come from a long line of black widows.
A whole society of them.
My own mother killed my father and played the role of grieving widow so well, no one suspected a thing.
And now it’s my turn.
Unfortunately, finding a mark isn’t as easy as it once was, and I’m forced to go online to find the perfect husband to kill.
No, not Tinder.
Wife For Hire.

With only months left to live, my grandfather demands I find a bride and create an heir, or else he’ll leave me nothing. Wife For Hire Agency is my only chance at fulfilling my obligation.
But when I find out I’ve caught a spider instead of the complaint doormat I’d wanted, my plans change.
Forced into isolation so my wife can’t get away with my literal murder, I keep her under lock and key to fulfill every single one of my grandfather’s dying wishes before turning her in.
Unfortunately for me, my wife’s web is a lot stickier than I gave her credit for, and if I’m not careful, my negligence might cost me a lot more than my inheritance.

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