Sylas’s Captivating Mate by R. E. Butler (ePUB)

sylas's captivating mate, re butler

Sylas’s Captivating Mate (Saber Chronicles #7) by R. E. Butler – Free eBooks Download


Sylas, a sabertooth tiger shifter, has been having dreams that he believes are related to finding his truemate, but aside from the moonlit night he sees during each dream, he can’t figure out where his future mate might be. He hopes that his truemate shows up soon, otherwise he’ll have to leave his family and search for her.
When vampire Georgia left Belle Terra for a family wedding, she had no idea when she returned that she’d find herself staring into the beautiful amber eyes of a sabertooth tiger shifter, who happened to be her truemate. But no matter how happy she is to find love, someone is targeting the vampires at both the hotel and the other businesses owned by the kiss.
When the truth of who’s behind the dangerous targeting comes to light, Georgia and Sylas get caught in the crossfire. When her life is on the line, can he get to her in time, or will everything be lost on the moonlit night?

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