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Sweet Chardonnay (Silver Fox Resort) by Lyz Kelley – Free eBooks Download


When she met him, she knew he was one-of-a-kind special. The only problem? He was the North American company president and CEO.

Sherry Kline was dreading the all-inclusive award trip. As a widow, she didn’t know how to show up single. Nervousness plagued her until she arrived and met Wade Briggs. He was smart, kind, sexy, and put everyone at ease with his approachable style. Their attraction was instant and mutual, but company policy and personal ethics kept them at arms-length until the event coordinator needed to return home, leaving Wade stranded.

Wade needed to pull off this event and prove North American employees were worth saving from pending unit sell-offs. Guilt ate at him when Sherry, an award nominee, agreed to step in and help. This was her vacation—her reward—for her hard work. Too bad a confidentiality clause in his contract prevented him from telling her she was about to lose her job. If he told her, he’d be fired, and who would protect the rest of the employees then?

Wade questions his future when the Australian CEO confronts him about a situation Sherry created. Both feel horrible about what happened, and both needed to make a decision about their future.

From award-winning and best-selling author Lyz Kelley, comes Sherry and Wade’s love story about their search for happiness after tragedy and heartache has derailed their life.

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