Swamp Thing: You Make My Heart Sing by Ava Ross (ePUB)

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Swamp Thing: You Make My Heart Sing (Monster Mate Mayhem) by Ava Ross – Free eBooks Download


A swamp monster dad makes my heart sing, but his daughter hates me. Can true love conquer all?

Amina: As part of a new monster-human integration program, I sign up for an adult version of a swamp monster pen pal. Thul lost his mate years ago, leaving him to raise his two children alone. We connect in a way I’d never envisioned I would with a monster. When things start to heat up via texts and vid-chats, we decide to take our relationship to the next level. I’ll move in with him. If it works out, we’ll make it permanent.
Monster Island is cute and quaint, and Thul is big, gorgeous, and eager to carry me off to the swamp moss to show me everything he has to offer. Only one thing’s keeping us apart. His eight-year-old son adores me, but his twelve-year-old daughter wants to toss me into the marsh—with a weight around my ankle. Can we find a way to be together?
Thul: Amina’s everything I could ever ask for in a friend, and when she ignites my mating craze, I can’t wait to claim her as my precious mate. But the swamp creature council will only sanction our mating if Amina meets my children’s approval. My son adores her, but my daughter still misses her mom and won’t stop snarling at Amina.
I’m falling for Amina, and I want to be with her forever, but will my daughter tear us apart?

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