Surviving the Storm by Jacey Davis (ePUB)

surviving storm, jacey davis

Surviving the Storm (RAM Securities Duet #1) by Jacey Davis – Free eBooks Download


Kai Rinaldi was at the top of his game. After an illustrious career in the Marines, Kai and his best friend founded RAM Securities, a private security company specializing in the jobs that the government and law enforcement couldn’t or wouldn’t take on. It wasn’t long until RAM Securities was a multi-million dollar company and at forty years old, Kai was the go-to man for the most dangerous and dirtiest jobs in the country. But even with all of his experience, nothing could prepare him for the day he met Aspen.
Aspen Malling had a really rough start to his life, but finally, at 22, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He and his siblings managed to get free from their father and uncle, and he had a job that he loved as a hacker and computer expert for RAM. His growing feelings for Kai may be unrequited, but that was fine. He had more in his life than he ever thought possible.
When a particularly bad case ties to Aspen’s past, the two men realize that the peace they have experienced over the last few years may be over. As the situation gets more dangerous, Kai begins to have feelings for Aspen that may be more than just platonic. But, with so many obstacles standing in the two men’s way, not to mention the danger lurking just around the corner, Kai must decide if it’s worth pursuing a relationship with the much younger man, or are they better off going their separate ways?

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