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sunset, kaci rose

Sunset (Chasing The Sun Duet #2) by Kaci Rose – Free eBooks Download


I think the better question is can we stay out of bed long enough to stop them?
When your first love comes blowing back into town it’s normal to throw a kiwi at his face right?
The problem is this is a small town and now everyone is talking about it.
He’s back to run his family’s two restaurants since his dad died so I have to deal with him all season. Great.
That’s fine I’ll stay at my Inn and avoid town as much as possible.
Of course, he’s going to step in and be a knight in shining armor when my chef quits and forces me to be nice to him.

I promised my mom I would make things right with Brynn and me.
But she is making that hard to do with the flying fruit and all.
When the storm washes out the only way on and off the island and Brynn’s chef at the Inn quiets, of course, my mom would offer me to save the day.
I don’t do it for Brynn, I do it for her parents who I loved and never got to say goodbye to.
But every night in the same space starts to wear on a guy, I start to see that girl I loved all those years ago.
What are the chances she will give me a second chance? Judging by the strawberries that just hit my back, slim to none.
When a land developer tries to make the town more touristy which would shut down her Inn and my family restaurants can we put aside our differences long enough to work together?
Yes, we can.
I think the better question is can we stay out of bed long enough to stop them?

This is a Steamy, Small Town, Beach Romance. No Cliffhangers.
This is Book 2 in the Chasing The Sun Duo.
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and beaches, then this one is for you.

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