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Summer Breeze Kisses Set by Addison Moore Summer Breeze Kisses Set by Addison Moore – Free eBooks Download


Are you ready to sit by the pool and read your way through summer? Enjoy five flirty romantic comedies all set around this fabulous season. Find a cool spot in the shade because things are about to get heated with these swoon worthy romances that are sure to give you all the feels you’ll want on a hot summer’s day. This boxed set includes: Five romantic comedies filled with fun summertime hijinks. Happy reading!

From the Bestseller, Addison Moore
Books included: Whiskey Kisses (3:Am Kisses), Forbidden Kisses (3:AM Kisses), Red Hot Kisses (3:AM Kisses) Shameless Kisses (3:AM Kisses), Low Dirty Disaster (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook)

Whiskey Kisses (3:Am Kisses)
When it comes to love, Holt doesn’t believe in fairytale endings.Once Izzy dives back into the dating pool, Holt is right there, ready and willing to offer tips and tricks to get her through an entire army of blind dates–starting with a bone-melting demonstration on how to deliver mouthwatering kisses.
One thing leads to whiskey and Izzy is starting to think happily ever after doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Forbidden Kisses (3:AM Kisses)
Rex Toberman is obnoxious and pretentious. So what if he’s the star quarterback? So what if my father is dating his mother? I can’t wait until he’s out of my life for good.
The day our parents announce their impending wedding becomes the worst day of my existence. Not only has Rex cemented himself in my social circle, but he’s about to cement himself into my family.

Red Hot Kisses (3:AM Kisses)
Stay away from Rushford Knight was the only rule my brothers gave me. But it’s my first year at Whitney Briggs University, my first year from out of the shadow of their wings, and I plan to discover who I really am. I’m pretty certain about one thing, I’m no longer interested in living under the dictatorship of the aforementioned brothers. Yes, Rush Knight is a player who’s only after one thing—but the last thing he’ll get from me is another notch in his belt.

Shameless Kisses (3:AM Kisses)
Eli Gates is not a fan of watching out for his buddy’s kid sister.
Harley Shelton is not a fan of having Whitney Briggs University’s premier playboy trailing her on her trip to New York City.
Eli has a secret he’s keeping from Harley, and he thinks it’s hilarious.
Harley has a secret she gladly shares with Eli—she’s talking to someone hot and mysterious on the new dating app Eli helped build.

Dirty Disaster (3:AM Kisses, Hollow Brook)
Meet Levi Masterson…
Meet Axel Collins…
I’ve had my fair share of women. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve sent them all away with a smile on their face.
Just one night is all I need to put that spring in their step and leave them begging for more. But more isn’t something I’m willing to give them. I don’t let them stay the night, and I don’t do relationships—not since Lex, not after Lex.
But Lex comes barreling into my world like a hurricane, destroying everything in her path as she makes her way back into my life—she never did leave my heart.

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