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Stupid Cupid (Nebraska Knights Holiday Hockey Romance) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


Does Cupid have a nice list? Never mind. Forget it. I’m breaking up with Valentine’s Day.

It started innocently enough with a harmless inquiry about a cute guy at a coffee shop. The goal was to get back in the romance game. The search turned into a social media frenzy. #DesperatelySeekingDane was not available. Talk about a buzzkill.
Just when I thought things couldn’t become more dramatic, because of my five minutes of online fame, a TV production company reached out to me as a last-minute contestant in a dating contest. It was an instant yes because one of the three bachelors is a major movie star and my lifelong crush.
Here’s the twist: I’m matched with the third-place prize, a daredevil hockey player I can’t stand. Let’s just say we have a brief but storied history involving shrill whistles, spilled coffee, and a bloody incident in an elevator.

However, turns out the date is only the opening act. We end up in each other’s debt, resulting in a meet-the-parents situation. But we kind of hit it off. As things heat up between us, sparks fly and the ice begins to melt. Can I be falling for the guy I loathe?

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