Stuck with My Unlikely Hero by E.A. Herrick (ePUB)

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Stuck with My Unlikely Hero by E.A. Herrick – Free eBooks Download


Fleeing danger with my hired pilot, our desperate battle for survival ignites a burning flame—and sparks an unexpected pregnancy.
Escaping my controlling parents is my only way out of an arranged marriage.
It begins with hiring Hunter, a pilot who will fly me away from my old life.
But, I can’t stand him.
He looks down on my privileged background.
I’ve never had to do anything for myself.
This begins our turbulent relationship.
As we flee, my worst fears are realized when my parents unleash kidnappers to bring me home.
In the face of danger, Hunter unexpectedly emerges as my unwavering protector.
At night, sparks between us get hotter and hotter.
I ever expected this and the love that evolves transcends our differences.
Yet, when we confront my parents, violence threatens to tear us apart, along with our newfound happiness.
Until I tell them I’m pregnant with Hunter’s baby.

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