Stuck With My Fake Date by Nova Avery (ePUB)

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Stuck With My Fake Date by Nova Avery – Free eBooks Download


I swear I don’t usually hop in a car with a total stranger and then ask him to be my fake date!
I know love finds you when you least expect it….I just didn’t expect it to find me on the way to my best friend’s wedding.
And I know better than to go on an adventure with a quiet, mysterious extremely grumpy man that I barely know.
But when I miss my flight, I have no choice but to let him drive me across the country to get there.

I thought the trip would be terrible, but then sparks began to fly between us.
Being so close to him makes me realize there is so much more to him than just his gorgeous face.
Everything was going great until I found out my ex was going to be at the wedding.
Now I’m left to take this broody stranger as my date.
I can tell we both feel the connection, and I know we’re both falling fast.
The question is: is he the one for me, or is he just another heartbreak like the last one?

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