Stroking Pride by Crea Reitan (ePUB)

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Stroking Pride (Sons of Satan) by Crea Reitan – Free eBooks Download


Pride can kill you… but stroking it is beautiful.

I’m one client away from making seven figures this year. Just one. Why am I suddenly surrounded by people with such a lack of pride?! Deciding I need to step away and come at it with fresh eyes another day, I leave my office.
And step into death at the hands of a psychopath. It turns out this crazy man is a son of Satan and he’s chosen me to be his queen. Without his queen, his circle of Hell is falling into ruin and chaos because he and his brothers have been cursed and it’s up to a woman to save his ass. But really, this is what karma gives me to work with?! No wonder Pride is a shitstorm.
No. If I’m going to be queen, I’m going to do it with demons worth my time, and those responsible for my death – yes, it was apparently a group effort, a fucking bet they made between them – are just not cut out for the job.
The prideful circle of Hell is falling further into bedlam and it’s up to me to master its magic that my dear Price of Pride cannot touch. No sweat. I got this.

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