Stranded with my Boss for the Holidays by Kaylee Monroe (ePUB)

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Stranded with my Boss for the Holidays (Stranded for the Holidays #2) by Kaylee Monroe – Free eBooks Download


As an assistant to my gorgeous billionaire boss, I was used to his many spontaneous demands. But what I never expected was to have to accompany him on what was supposed to be a quick “day trip” to a ski lodge to check out the amenities for an upcoming retreat.
Did I forget to mention that it was in the middle of winter when we attempted to drive up the mountain?
Oh, and that there was a hellacious snowstorm that forced us off the road and gave us no choice but to trudge our way to a deserted cabin for shelter and generate warmth in . . . creative ways.
And maybe I shouldn’t mention the bourbon, or the game of strip poker, or the amazingly hot night I spent moaning my boss’s name.
But yes, it all happened, and I can’t say I regretted any of the toe-curling O’s my boss so generously gave me for a Christmas bonus.
But once we leave the close confines of the cabin and return to reality, will it be the end to us, or just the beginning?

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