Storm of the Dragon by Tamrin Banks (ePUB)

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Storm of the Dragon (Magic Wyoming) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


My destiny is written and my fate is sealed. It was prophesied even before I was born. I will be the catalyst and the victor in a war between supernaturals and the demons from hell.
Another part of the prophecy is about the man who will stand by my side. A powerful older man who will protect me and unlock the magic inside of me. No supernatural has ever had two sides to them. A shifter and a witch both live inside me but my witch has lain dormant for my whole life. But when I meet Saar something happens. He is my fated mate. My destiny.

I have found my mate. The woman who will be the one that defeats hell with me. A hybrid of a shifter dragon and a witch which has never happened before. It’s either one or the other. Her magic lies dormant inside her and it’s my job to pull it out. My job to protect her and lead her into this battle that all supernaturals must fight. The human race depends on us and we cannot lose.
I feel her fire and the flames from her touch burn into me like a brand. She’s mine and whatever fight we have, we will win. Fate couldn’t possibly be so cruel as to take her away from me just when I found her.
Hell wants a fight and they’re gonna get it. With my mate and the whole supernatural realm by my side, I will win.

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